Longboard, freeboard and driftbike camp | Camp WoodWings

The longboard camp

Welcome to the ultimate international all-in longboard camp in Europe!

Are you a beginner and you want to learn how to longboard? Are you completely sold on longboarding and you want to fine-tune your riding skills?

Do you like cruising or do you prefer going downhill? You love throwing those big slides or is longboard freestyle & dancing more your style? Do you wanna know how it feels to be drifting around on a drift bike? Are you a passionate snowboarder who's looking for his shot of adrenaline to get through the summer? In that case, freeboarding and our matching slopestyle track will be written all over you!

At our private Woodwings-mountain you can do it all this summer! Reserve your trip now, pack your gear, choose your favorite board and head out to the French Alps his summer for a 7 days action-packed week. For every age we put together a custom-made trip in order to provide you with the best training, holiday and camp facilities you can imagine!

Choose your camp, click below on your age and discover everything about our unique trips!