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Come as strangers, leave as friends.

Our mission is to create a safe and unique environment, open to beginners and more experienced riders,
where like-minded individuals come to train hard and have fun, all while in longboarding paradise.
Dom (Founder)


What our riders say ...

" Unlike other camps with 100+ people.. here you are a person instead of a number so you can really achieve your goals with the personal guidance that you get here! I have made the best and purest friends ever on Woodwings and that's why I won't ever skip it! " 
Roger - Nederland 
" Each day I felt myself getting better. I made friends from all over the world in a beautiful atmosphere. Woodwings is a great camp for all with a positive and supportive vibe."
Sam - USA
" What I like the most is that a bunch of total strangers become friends through the same passion. The instructors are always at your side with valuable tips and ensure that you have an unforgettable skate trip. "
Luca - Zwitserland

Quick intro

We start as a Belgian travel organization in 2015 with the offering of an all-in training camp for Belgian and Dutch longboarders. Our concept is based upon our years-long experience in the world of longboarding combined with the knowledge we gathered for years in the travel industry. Since we have already been on a board for more than half of our lives, we can 100% say that this concept really is « by boarders for boarders ».

Due to the high demand for international registrations, coming from all over the world, we decided to open our camps in 2016 for international riders. It was an immense success, with riders coming from Australia, South Korea, North America, Canada, Brasil, Russia, Europe, etc. 

As of 2022, we have welcomed no less than 30 (!) nationalities to our camps.


Our mission

With the Woodwings project, we want to share our knowledge and our passion for longboarding, and the freedom we experience within it. We want to create a community where our attendees have the freedom and opportunity to enjoy the sport in a safe and unique environment; where they can continue to develop their passion and experience. Therefore our team will work hard to provide you with the best training and camp facilities you can imagine!


Our team

Dominiek Grauls
Jeff Corsi
Head instructor Dancing
Aaron Hampshire
Head instructor Race
Brandon Fanthome
Head instructor Downhill
Brandon Desjarlais
Instructor Downhill & Dance
Marvin Montout
Instructor Dancing